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Friday, November 14, 2008

Something new!!

Dis is my new haircut. A scraped 'Ogo' ...lol!!!! I don't know cos e get as e de do me now adays and i know no where d tin de pinch me again. Any ways na so i take b now and d tin de allow breeze well,well + i no de too stay under dryer again.

Mean a whiler we gets to relocate to our durmot as d place we de go soon expire n i no get time to yarn dust wit landlord so by month end we for don pack cham cham.

I don cure myself of all dem sites wei i de go read hot gossip wei no de concern me. Now e de hard me sef to look any site now....lol!!! Marriage na very intresting union everyday na learning process cos if u talk say nothing go surprise u, den dat na fa..fa..fa....FOUL!!!!! I thank God for everytin....Amen!

Abeg i de throway salute to all of una wei comment my last post but i thank webround well, well for dat expo scholarship.

my people today na monday, make i begin draw list organise my week n attend to matters arising. I love my pink shoes (na who ax me?...lol)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lately, I have become a slave to celebrity blogs. I go through the day skipping from one celebrity blog after d oda and then wen i exhaust d one's i regularly visit, i start searching for new ones.

Most of my work is on d internet and thanks to Sat 3 the internet has been slow but d only tin dat opens better than my work links are facebook, yahoo, msn, blog and a couple others. I try to visit one or two of my fav blogs but den before i can drop a comment i rush off to Ybf, sandrarose, grapevyne, hot mess, dats not hot etc. I used to wonder how pple get hooked n addicted to celebrity links but i av become d biggest slave to d links.

On other notes, I would like to make a career switch to HR (Human Resources) but i hate school. So, how do i hope to achieve dis switch? I was hoping to do an online short programme( d key word is SHORT) like 3 months. I was also thinking dat maybe I just apply for any of d vaccancies i see and grow from dere (with my zero knowledge, i hope some employer will av faith in me...lol). Another thot is to attend one-two day trainings and hope it would count for sth on my CV(hmmm....). I wanted to do d 9jn CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Mgt) but did i mention i HATE school or anything where it looks like i av travelled back in time to my early days wen i wld cry to be in a classroom.

I tink i'm a bored with my job, cos its d longest i av been in one place Aug 2006 - till date. Damn!!! I'm usually a 9 months- 12 months person, i guess its age and all d qualities dat come with it. (Not bad). Ok peeps, i would like any offer on short programs I can start in my career growth. Oh, did i mention it shouldn't be too costly ( I am Ibo....lol). Any advice is most welcome too.

Takia mwah!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Praise God!

Compliments of d day people!!!!

Today is special for 2 reasons.

One is my lovely sister in law whose birthday is today, She is a fab person n very hard working. I wish her a fantastic day and I hope she party's like a rockstar!!!!!!She has a lovely personality and I am so blessed to heave her (and her 2 sisters) as family members. Love u loads.

D second special reason is dat I am celebrating the life of Busola who was a daugther, a lovely friend & sister, a wife and mother of my godson T-bobo. She was one fun, crazy and adorable lady dat I was blessed to b a friend and sister to in 1993. We laffed, gossiped and cried together many times and we had plans to be and do many many things together. Sadly she and d baby in her womb passed away last year on the 20th of October 2007 @ about 2pm. I wrote about dis beauty last year THERE = ( Homecalling) and then I admit dat I was angry at her n slightly upset with God because I was sad n heartbroken to loose my gal especially wen dere were somethings dat needed to be sorted out. She was goin to call me d saturday she passed on and I waited for d call only to hear she crossed ova dat afternoon. I must confess sometimes I dont blive she's gone so I sit n stare till tears roll down my cheeks. I try to avoid her parents cos wen I look @ dem I see her n it breaks me cos we all start a choir of crying and I cant imagine how hard it was for dem to loose dia 1st child and only daugther.

Busola(in d brown top) and I (Sept 2007)

I had a dream once dat I saw her. The excitement I felt in my dream was so real dat wen I woke up I felt happy, She was just smiling and i was hoping like a kid high on sugar. I kept askin if she was d one n she smiled, i hugged and told her how much I had missed her and she said d same den I told her to follow me but she declined and said she had to go and I understood den woke up but I was sooooo glad to av seen her (pple say she must av really liked me not to av axd me to follow her, cos if I had gone den I too would av crossed ova. It may or may not b true) On my wedding day wen I saw her folks I remembered our promise to b each oda's chief Brides maid and to think of not havin her dere to do her gra gra as usual made me cry. My godson is doing well, he and his dad are stuck to each oda like glue and I try to call dem as often as I can. Sometimes I tink I am not a good godmother bcos d last time I saw him was exactly a month before his mom died. Office and financial issues have held me from makin d trip but I will try b4 d year runs out to go visit but I wonder wat i would get him wen I go dere.

I celebrate d lives of two magnificent women and I praise God!!!!! Viv u r a wonderful person so enjoy urself and av a splendid Birthday.
Busola u r an Angel and I celebrate ur life and thank God for letting us share our lives with u, we love u, I love u and I apologise for being angry wit u and God. HE has his reason for calling u n baby home. Miss u and love u dear. Rest in Peace!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Something ?

Thanks for all ur comments and well wishes in my last blog. May God bless you all.

I just spoke to my mom dis morning and wen i dropped i realised sth dat has been re-occurring for some months now. I av realised dat it seems i av gone emotionally dull or gradually going emotionally numb!!!! I talk to her or my dad and mayb my sisters and a few friends like with no expression of emotion ( eg a smile,laff, anger or anytin) I'm flat, almost bored, almost distracted, almost robot.

Its like i av lost alot of my spark n humor. Wit my hubby everytin is intact but den i sort of partially shut down with most people (family, friends and clients). Dis worries me a GREAT deal. I feel dettached and its not me......I dont like wat's happening especially since i noticed it a while back and kept believing it would pass n its still here.

Dese r people I love and care about and de av axd me wats up but I say its either I just woke up from sleep or I just had an annoying customer or i was in d kitchen or i was outside or i just watch d fone ring as de call 1,2,3,4 times just so de can't tell i've signed out wen de r talking. Dere r very very few times i snap back to my normal self wen I talk to dem but, each time i'm emotionless i try to stop myself but i can't.

I hope dis bad phase passes by but den again how much longer will it take for it to stop. I really miss d OLD me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Let me Introduce myself

Hello Blog Family,

I would like to introduce me again to you. I am Mrs U aka Mrs Ibo dude aka Mrs Manutd aka Mrs Nikkisab (how many I go answer) lol.

..heheheh Yes O, Thank God for me and my hubby for d wonderful day. I thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. D complete pix r not ready but I do hope with d way d pix are below it tells u all d story of our wedding on the 6th of Sept 2008.

Our wedding link is www.momentville.com/nkechiandobi I hope to upload d weddin pix dere l8r

I av become pro on d wedding matter dat I bet I can be called a wedding planner. D best tin is I didnt cry while saying my vows i was relaxed (I only cried wen I saw my gals parents and I wished she was here wit me). I will do my best to write d whole tin but d tori lonnnnnnnng o, but mark it dat I danced to d point my mom was speechless. heheheh!!!

Thanks Bloggers - adoo, bunmy, Owhornda, Princessa and Onome for coming....much appreciate u dear..mwah.

Takia lovelys will try to blog soon, but I gotta admit I am blocked on blogging but I will try.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Honeymoon here I come!!

Ok my people!!!.

My birthday was Aug 29th So happy Baffday to me. I had a lovely day, had cake in the office, went home and had chinese with the gals at home (My mom, Lor and Zy) Ema was on her way to lag so she had hers later. My man came in at 7.30 - 8.00 pm and then we took off to pik Ema at d airport and then hang out. So we hung out and den Ema came to meet us dere (she was in a cab wen my txt came in saying 'let us know wen u land') So we all hung out at "The Place" in GRA Ikeja before we did my favorite bit of d evening- CLUBBING!!!!!!!!!!! So my pple please share the cake above.

So I got like 3 days before I say "I DO!!" wow...me?

Oh yels, I av sent d Dj d songs I want played (he better not mess things up cos I wanna dance and dance) I enjoy dancing but not wen d focus is me, i'll try not to be shy. My gown is at d drycleaners and I pik it up thursday. My sandals are coming in wednesday and I get to see it thursday. I make my hair thursday morning ( I decided to make pick and drop colors will be black/a tint of gold) I beliv it'll come out nice. Friday I see d fotographer, go to d venue,see d small chops guy, my bouqet and oda miscellenous. Oh! I got to pik up d thanksgiving outfit today and its a style dat is louder dan usual but everyone said I should break from my norm of OLD BRITISH WOMAN dressing....lol.

I'll post d little i rmbr and I hope u all dont mind. Please pray for us as we enter this next phase of our lives. Also please join me to pray for all families, friends and well-wishers that travel to come celebrate our day with us. Also, I thank EVERYONE who has been very supportive during the wedding.

I hope I am not asking for a lot but pls chip it in wen u pray.

So take care of ur lovely selves and I'll see you in a weeks time.

my band my sandal my hair piece

My gown

Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost Here!!!

Hi peeps wats up?

Been busy with work, wedding and falling ill...lol !!! So according to my timer on the right I've got 12 days to go before I say cherio cherio maiden name and WELCOME to a surname upgrade. I am trying to find the humor in dis all cos I dont wanna panic. I wonder sometimes why do men ati women panic?
Its not like we didn't daydream or know such a day MIGHT be our turn, so why do we av pulse racing, heart stopping, tear pouring moments? With dat said I still suffer all d symptoms I've mentioned and I bet it will reduce as d day draws closer. Sadly all d running around has got me loosing weight (Like I had any b4...lol), looking tired in all d pictures I am caught in and having a mild pimple break out agghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now to be honest, all I am loking forward to is d honeymoon wen I can truely and gladly say its over and put my feet up to rest before I come back to start d next phase as Mrs U.

Ok enuf nagging!!!! Quite a number of wonderful things have been happening to me of late (not to say d gift of life aint wonderful enuf) but God has taken d gr8 pleasure of embarrasing me with blessings and more blessings and I keep wondering if I really deserve these things. Like having Manutd, Lovely family members (Mine and his av been so supportive and caring with d wedding), my office windfall etc - I am so thankful to God for my life and I will do my best to spread the mercy, kindness, joy and gifts HE has given me with others.

So I am gonna move around and check out wat i've missed. I wanted to put up wat d gown, sandal and hair looks like but I bet u guys wont mind if I dont ba. How about i put d ensemble after d wedding....Thanks I knew u'ld understand. Have a blessed and Wonderful week.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the silence but work et al been occupying me.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it a culture ?

What say YOU!!

a) Child before marriage b) Pregnant before/during marriage c) Marriage and the n pregnancy.

I have been thinking of this for a while now ( especially wen I tried buying yam yesterday...lol i'll explain below) and I have come to the conclusion that somehow in our heads and our heart we have absorbed this as one of our culture and I find something wrong with it. My post won't be long but I would like to get ur take on the matter.
I have noticed that B is d fast growing trend among our people and I wonder if some people like me can survive if we refuse to follow the standard set by a number of couples and society?Thank God I ain't got dat pressure! I see C as my answer any day,any time cos being pregnant shouldn't be a pre-requisite for tying the knot. Some people say "What if you marry her and den u find out she can't take in? Den we wld av married a man into our family" or de say "She is delaying to giv us a child" and so feel justified to put pressure on d couple to do sth by either making sly remarks, suggesting a new woman to support the man since the MAN he married won't do something or make cruel jokes ( an example of one is {THIS IS A TRUE CONVERSATION}
Husband's Aunty- "Sarah how r u? How are ur parents? How is Bingo?"
Sarah - Aunty everyone is fine. But aunty why r u asking about Bingo?
Husband's Aunty - " Why won't I ask about Bingo, wen u av not given us a child to ask about den I av to ask about d one we can see"

My point is God is the giver of dese bundle of blessings and also people should plan for children. The cost of living is unbeliveable now adays see me, see trouble oh..... I wanted to cook dinner for me & Man utd so I decided i'll cook vegetable stew with smoked fish and boiled yam, as I got to d mallam dat sells yam and pointed at one tubar he said "N700, madam" I asked him to repeat and he actually did. I turned round without a word cursing him under my breath and walked to buy 4 miserable fingers of plantain for N200 and boiled it instead. Wen got home, I sat in d parlor and drifted into starting a family and d present cost of living. (Dis tin pain me cos na dis season yam de sweet well, well ).
Starting a family needs some planning which includes saving a considerable amount. My colleague said to register for ante-natal she paid N50,000=, this so called classes she doesn't attend cos of work and now she wanted to pay for delivery and all and d hospital said N150,000k. (which we have to also consider the hospital) I told my colleague "oh baby!!!! u no go consider to born for house?" . We all laffed but is it really funny?. How long does it take to plan a wedding, recover from d expense, get preggers, d expense of d event, go back to work, raise ur kid, run d home, av d next kid and continue the cycle again?
Why do we let society pressure us into things dat we aint ready for(financially)? When should couples have d "raising a family" talk? etc.

I would like ur views and ur selection (A, B, or C)?

Have a lovely week dears - mwah!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Never Forget

Wellsbaba Put the music to my blog.

:1. Put Your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.

John Legend - Ordinary people. I say dis cos heck sths could be ok and also it may not be.

Timberland - D way I are. I can only be d way I are but people got a beta idea of who i is. (I don jam english..lol).

Enrique Inglesias - Rythmn Divine. I like people who have a rythmn in dia life. Everyone has it.

Mary J Blige - Just fine. I feel fantastic cos d akpu a. k. a loi loi and white soup with goat meat and stock fish I just ate has guaged my belle. I can dance pass d 9ja gal wei enta guiness book..uuhh!!!

Aerosmith - I dont want to miss a thing. Its good sometimes to try things and not miss out on stuff. SOMETIMES OO!!!!!

kolomental:faze Many know of dis serious case, cos i'm unpredictable.

Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent. I saw dis song on nyemoni and my folks av dia moments of angelic status, I luv dem.

U2 and Mary J Blige - One love. Sometimes I tink why d world can't see each oda as 1.

WHAT IS 2+2?
Kylie Minogue - 2 hearts. I am in a kylie phase and i aint sorry about it. She has dis upbeat/dance/pop type of songs. I like.

P2 - No one. Love dem.

Chris Brown - With you. Its lovely to be with dis man.

Colbie Cailat- Bubbly. My life has been ..........I thank God for my life. Its been intresting and will continue dat way. Amen!!!

Sandy Thom - I wish I was a punk rocker. lol!!! I really would have been wonderful in d entertainment world, cos I love music. I still get time to be a punk rocker.

Clay Aiken - the way you make me feel. He is d ONE person dat I av completely been myself with and I am blessed to av him.

Maxwell - Fortunate. LMAO!! de tink i'm a bit lunny but de still feel fortunate to av me. Hey, I got my mom's name so it gotta mean Love.

Faith Hills - Breath I feel my wedding is like magic and d person I am with is makes me ............words can't explain.

Madonna - don't cry for me argentina. D words fit d day but here i'll refer to all present as argentina. hmm....

Talking heads - once in a life time. I heard dis song wen I was younger and it makes u wanna try tins cos its once in a life time. (Warning - try only good tins o, abeg!!)

Roxette - Vulnerable. Yep!! its hard to believe dat I am so soft. It upsets me to not be as tough as I want to but sometimes its a beautiful tin.

Seal - Amazing. My friends are a wide selection of different people and de r special in dia many ways.

Take That - Never forget. Dis song is wat i feel about dis post cos it reminds me of my past, present and future + d end(funeral question). Its appropriate.

I tag onome parakeet adoolicious Sha Duchess

I hope you guys do a good job. I'm watching you. lol Av a nice weekend. Mwah!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Evil look

A friend sent this to me by mail and I tot i should share it with u all. My sis also put to bed 3 weeks ago and then my cousin and then my friend. All ladies had boys...so CONGRATS ladies and I pray u all remain blessed.

Hope u all are doing fine.....takia and be good.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Thanks everyone for your comments in my last post. Mwah!!!! mwah!!!!!

When some one shouts or says "I go do you strong thing!!!!!" wat does it really mean. Is it in terms of fighting, hurting or even going the extra length of traditional magic?
I wonder wen de say someone's downfall was due to some evil person attacking dem from d spirit world by d consultation and assistance of babalawo's aka juju man. Most of our Nigerian and african movies carry alot of stories where these occultic powers are used to obtain things that de desire either by killing someone, making someone run mad, controlling people etc.

I am not naive of these things happening due to movies and hear-say tales but the thing is I am not sure if I believe them. With the advent of christianity and the fight of good and evil, I wonder if its possible dat we let the devil have so much power to rule over us. Let me try explaining further - If a person believes in God and have faith d size of a mustard seed, how can dese evil tins triumph in our lives?
- Could such evil antics work becos d person de r trying to get is also a bad person?
- Can fear be d crack dat evil needs to succeed?
Questions in my head go on and on and on.

My people wat's ur take on witchcraft/babalawo/juju.

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen! (ORIGINAL VERSION)

I heard this on d radio some years ago and it really moved me. And some weeks ago I heard it again and it really touched me and made me cry(No comment). I really tap into d dudes thinking all though I avn't been to New york..lol!! D point he makes are very true.

Hope u all like it. (Am I on a mushy wushy phase?)

I got dis from Tosyn bukunor http://speechgirlbucknor.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Friends are secretly an extension of your family. Sometimes in d toughest, happiest, shallow and memorable times of our lives we find ourselves going thru emotions with dese people that av become a brother or sister to us. There are days you wanna kill each oda and other days u laff so hard till you cry but dats life with its usual ups & downs. I love the friends I av found in my life not just cos in one way or d other they av been dere for me but also de allowed me to carry dem wen de were happy or needed a hand to hold or a warm hug.
Thanks for being rare GEMS!! (Family, Manutd, Friends and Bloggers)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tagging Continues

I was tagged by onomev and wellsbaba and Princessa

1. Link the person/people who tagged you(check!)
2. Mention the rules in your blog(wat do we call dat check? think so)
3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs(hope dey'll qualify)
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by adding their links(i think)
5. Let each of the tagged bloggers know they've been tagged..via their blogs(ok!)

Here it goes my quirks

1. I day dream alot. Its not just in my head, i act it out. When I'm in my room - i just start wording or acting my day dream, even if i have only 3 mins b4 someone walks into d room. (I blame NEPA for dis)

2. I hate to see peoples places disorganised. But when you come to my place its like a tornado lives with me. In my mind I believe its not scattered cos i know EXACTLY where things are but to an outsider, it looks like a stopover for wrestling matches.

3. I really want to be a social butterfly but the tin i treasure the most is being by MYSELF. Nothing makes me secretly happy like just staying alone with my house,light, music and zero pple around.(I used to lock myself up in d room for hours and my broda will have to come check if i'm still alive....)

4. I can stay in my house for days and not switch on the T.V. Don't ask me why but I walk around the house, stand by the door and of course do day dream sessions but not switch on d T.V. My neibor is trying to change my ways.

5. I check out asses. Guy or gal it dont matter. I dont get it myself, i just have d very bad habit of looking and saying nice ass!!! Well sometimes I do look and say "God, I want dat!! or aint dat ass a sin, cos its too bigggg for 1 person to av?"

6. My imagination is frightening. Well i guess dats where my day dreams were born from. I could look at pple and imagine tins about dem. Some i tink wat if dia nose was like dat or de walking and dia dress slips off or sometimes i see a couple and tink of dem .....bla blaaa n oda silly tins, but d good side of my imagination is dat I tink up designs for clothes, beads and business(so it aint so bad, right?)

OK so i tag anibodudescorner; jaycee; bunmmy; 36inchesofbrownleg; kissesandroses; and fluffy

o K people start writing and lets get to know u beta. I'll like to congratulate my self on learning how to put up link to blogs, I thank my teachers Onome and Ibo dude (Yes, I know the whole world has been doing dat, but dis is my shinning moment..lol!!!!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleep, a Dream + 4 naira!

MIA Nikkisab has re-surfaced. I apologise that I have not updated but I know if I tell you I had Bloggers Block, I know a lot of pple will understand. I bet we've had those moments where it looks like you are sitting in a chair and a laffing monkey runs ur way and climbs your body holding a band aid (a.k.a plaster) and opens your brain to plaster ur thinking/writing side of ur brain (left or right side u decide). LOL

Now for a while I have been having a tough time sleeping. Its not wedding jitters or worry about anything wedding related, my eyes just spring open and I cant go back to sleep till about 4'ish am. I used to wake up 1 am and den it gradually became 3.00 - 3.10 a.m and then i drift into sleep about 4'ish then, BAM!!!! 5.02 my first alarm wakes me up so i start getting ready for work (sob, sob). I figured it was coffee causing d break in my sleep transmission, so I did the switch-e-roo and went to tea, which would be d big turn around for me and get me into the good books with sleep. Here I am typing with SLEEP in my eyes cos my body system is semi conscious thru d night - let me explain - it feels like u r sleeping but den after a calculated interval, you stretch for ur fone cos u tink its morning and den u see 1.47am and den 3.10am den 4.57am and BAM!!!! alarm(I know dis time accurately cos it happened dis morning AGAIN!!!!!).

Today's semi-conscious sleep was different I tink i had a dream. I was trying to buy oranges from a guy and den wen i gave him money he said it wasn't complete, wen I asked how much d oranges were he said N31.00. I was like ok.....wat if I gave him N30.00 cos I avn't got N1.00 and he refused and tried to embarass me cos of it. So I told him I had N40.00 will he give me my N9.00 change and he was puffing and said yes!! so i gave him. Only for d guy to now give me N5.00 without my balance of N4.00 cos he didn't have ..........hey!!!!!! see me de tear krase for dream, na im i begin fight d guy for trying to embarass me for N1.00 and den cheat me out of N4.00 and it was in dat I woke up...phew!!. Wen I reached for my fone to see wat d time was aghhhhh! 4.57am.

Please any suggestion on how sleep and I can become friends again will be appreciated. Plus wat does dis silly dream mean? Or does it mean anytin? Ok ..... its time to face my draggy day with droopy eyes and a wish list for a decent nights sleep.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I tink its absurd!!!!

Thanks everyone for ur comments and well wishes, we really appreciate it.

I was chatting with a friend of mine d oda day and he congratulated me on d traditional wedding, wished me well but he asked an absurd question - "Has ur friend count gone down?" He said as I change my status to married, I would soon wave a lot of my old girlfriends and boyfriends goodbye cos gradually de would witdraw and make scanty appearances n brief fone calls. But I told him I wasn't dat way wen he tied d knot becos I av a general fone n visit problem but if its chatting - no one can say I aint No. 1 chat queen lol!!! He said I was one of d few who didn't change (knowing my communicado status). Well we yada yada yada and blah blah.

Ova d weekend I was with a friend and we were generally chatting and having breakfast wen I told her dat a married guy friend of mine told me to prepare for d EXIT of some of my friends. I told her d conversation and to my heartbreaking reality she told me she has and would be guilty of doing it. I asked why? And she said that dere is a class tin - I mean like clique when married friends become funny towards dia former single friends. I wont play dumb to it but dat is all dependent on a person and d attitude de had in d 1st place. I av married friends and we all still good, infact my bestfriend got married n we still remained dat way after her status changed till she passed on. She felt rooted to her statement and it got me thinking.

If ur friend was an ass in d first place den u expect an ass after he/she gets married. But its absolutely ABSURD dat its d norm. I am upset with dis cos it seems like its an automatically activated button after someone's box ticks married. I was upset and I still am, cos it looks like a fraud of a celebration wen u come shine teeth on dat day and disappear after dat. I don't belive dere is a clause in friendship that says disengage after rings are given? Hmm... I gotta say I'll respect anyones's wish to carry on d absurd tradition but I will be disappointed at those who do.

Sorry as i de bomb na vex de do me on d mata. Wedding plans are still on d way and God is in control.

Friday, March 28, 2008

He drank my wine!!

The day has come and pass and we have passed the 1st stage of marriage.
We thank God for everything becos the strength came from He who is the author of life. Saturday 22nd March 2008!!! Wow!! Its not a dream anymore its a reality and its my lovely reality.
My man utd was amazing thru the whole event and I am so happy dat he is d one I will walk this earth with. My previous family and my new family (chei! d life of a woman, see as dem de turn turn person and l8r i go still make my own. hmm.. well God de. LOL!!); they were wonderful too.

Yep!! thats me and then him drinking my palm wine. Now that this phase has passed we begin the next planning for white wedding and I have not found a gown but d hunt is on and just like dis fell into place so i trust d white will.
I thank everyone who showed up for d occassion, Zy thank u for making me look nice. Thank you everyone in my last post for ur well wishes and prayers.

Friday, March 14, 2008

On her majesty's secret service!

Hi guys, things have been actually normal and not as crazy and scattered as I had a picture in my head...hmm...must be a good sign. Well dis is a quick summary of tins so far and I hope it makes sense cos work is killing me.

Dats wat it looked like in d shop. And now dis is wat it looks like on me.

Trad is easter weekend (saturday to be precise). Please before u guys make me walk d plank, is gonna be a small gathering of families. The white wedding is later in d year and wen d website goes up we will inform everyone, so ma binu ore mi's. I really hope public holiday is on thur so i can leave early enough to the village and be my parents big baby for d last time as a spinster and then wen next time de see me, I will STILL be dia baby but married lol!!! My clothes aint back from d tailor ahhhhh!!!!!!! but I must be calm, i know i 'll get it before tuesday next week.

We do need ur prayers everyone as we travel back and forth, so please if u can put us as N.B wen u pray. heheheh!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks bloggers for the well wishes!!!

Yesterday it finally dawned on me that my trad is close and it was MY TRAD. It was like a meteor from the the 3rd solar system passed all the planets and came blazing into earth and hit me. I shook it off and then I heard the ignition to my brain start and I was like meeeeee!!! Omo check frozen expression of shock on my face and then i snatched my fone and ran to the ladies. I was pacing left and right and I was only short of walking on the ceiling thinking of who to call to get a confirmation and some words of strength. I finally called my chief - to - be and her 1st line was off and then the 2nd rang out, so I was on my own. Impossible!! I ran to look for who was online to chat & help but it was just Man utd and I didnt want to freak him out with my sudden awakening from amnesia so i sat infront of my system with my eyes open wide so i dont blink.

My elder Sis called and I grabbed d phone n ran to d ladies where i started crying. She was so worried and tried to comfort me. I finally realised dat I was scared!!! Not of d man, not of d family, not anytin physical but just wondering if i will b a good wife.....if I would b d PERFECT wife. My sister told me I won't. And i was like "eh..!!???" She said I would be a robot and dats not who I need to be. She told me it was ok to be scared cos most pple r, its just d jitters. She said u need to be friends, honest, quarrel, make up and love each oda, so if i and man utd did den we were on track. With dat I started to see things. He is not in need of a perfectionist, he loves me as I am, as I've always been (weird). His family are wonderful and HE is just d right wonderful person dat completes me (even wen we quarrel, lol!!).

Now d jitters are over and I realise I aint d first to av 'em or d last. Although i'm scattered on d planning, the most important thing is I'm gonna become Mrs ..........MAN UTD and i may be imperfect but i'm... i mean we r gonna do tins right TOGETHER as a team, shebi- LOL!!!!

NB - Details of d gbedu will be given soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008


"I want you"......
You ask me 'wen?' and I say "ALL D TIME!!".
Did I scare you, it wasn't my intention but u see
sometimes I tink I'll go bunkers if I don't.
"Was dat a sigh?" You say 'No!'
So its okay if I keep talking, its not like I can't "shut up"
but I find it necessary to talk about things, "oh, for u its different?"
Now I'm wondering "How do u get results, if u don't TALK?"
With a smile I just say "I understand wat u mean".
We are quiet now as d T.V gets d most words and I envy dem for havin a pre-written script
while I have to scratch and write my lines to our movie and see each scene goes smooth.

Sometimes it looks magnifique in my head but wen d words come out......
oh...those words come out and I look like i went out of script.
Hmm.... how do I get wat I want and say wat I want without looking to u like
an inconsiderate, annoying, unromantic, selfish B*^%h
now dat is d real JAMB question!! I'm pondering like "The Brain" but some how I'm still "Pinky".
Dis is maddness!!!!! I can't do dis!!!!! Its like thru u I see a horrible me!!!!!!
"Isn't dere a way we can both meet at the centre of sanity?"
Lets both surf d net for ideas to draft a new contract, a new guideline to life
"NO!!! I am not insane!! and of course not I'm NOT joking"
I tink "I need to sit down" so I walk to d couch and sit on d floor next to it.
This angle beta suits my mood cos I'm wondering if my perspective is "QUESTIONABLE".

Temporary relief i'll get with some sleep
and believe me I tink we could both do with some.
"Question?" and u reply 'Shoot'
I try to read from d script I have again but, I pause and decide to free flow from my heart
"I bet u want a pretty miss sunshine with most tins on the dot, but I gotta admit she isn't in here. My tins are either spontaneous,planned, outspoken,out of character, now or later but dese are my dot, like I bet u got ur dot and its different from d dot I want u to have." Now i'm sure ur blinking fast is cos u wanna get my point, well i'm saying "We got to tolerate n accomodate each odas quirks". U r looking at me and I know d chant in ur head is 'she is a lunatic and if I can only change d channel i'll watch d football match' but den u give me D Reply - 'Ok!'. I may not know wat team will win but I know who won't watch d match.
So dat brings my back to d very start - "I want u......NOW!!!"

Monday, January 28, 2008

50 tins to remember

Some of these are really worth remembering every day! If I had dese guides some years back, I tink I would have done quite a nos of tins differently. Example nos 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21(i still av a prob with dis), 25(it is sooooooo true), 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36, 41, 42 (at home i am called junk collector. I av applied dis to life too,bt i am changing), 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 & 50.

Pls wat nos. apply to you and are u gonna make a change after reading this? Enjoy !!

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
5. Pay off your credit cards every month.
6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.
9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.
10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.
12. It's OK to let your children see you cry.
13. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.
15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.
16. Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living or get busy dying.
17. You can get through anything if you stay put in today.
18. A writer writes. If you want to be a writer, write.
19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else. 20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.
21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is a special occasion.
22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.
23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.
24. The most important sex organ is the brain.
25. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: "In five years, will this matter?"
27. Always choose life.
28. Forgive everyone everything.
29. What other people think of you is none of your business.
30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.
31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
32. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.
33. Believe in miracles.
34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.
35. Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.
36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.
37. Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable.
38. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
39. Get outside every day .
40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.
41. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.
42. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
43. All that truly matters in the end is that you are loved.
44. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
45. The best is yet to come.
46. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
47. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.
48. If you don't ask, you don't get.
49. Yield.
50. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.