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Friday, March 28, 2008

He drank my wine!!

The day has come and pass and we have passed the 1st stage of marriage.
We thank God for everything becos the strength came from He who is the author of life. Saturday 22nd March 2008!!! Wow!! Its not a dream anymore its a reality and its my lovely reality.
My man utd was amazing thru the whole event and I am so happy dat he is d one I will walk this earth with. My previous family and my new family (chei! d life of a woman, see as dem de turn turn person and l8r i go still make my own. hmm.. well God de. LOL!!); they were wonderful too.

Yep!! thats me and then him drinking my palm wine. Now that this phase has passed we begin the next planning for white wedding and I have not found a gown but d hunt is on and just like dis fell into place so i trust d white will.
I thank everyone who showed up for d occassion, Zy thank u for making me look nice. Thank you everyone in my last post for ur well wishes and prayers.

Friday, March 14, 2008

On her majesty's secret service!

Hi guys, things have been actually normal and not as crazy and scattered as I had a picture in my head...hmm...must be a good sign. Well dis is a quick summary of tins so far and I hope it makes sense cos work is killing me.

Dats wat it looked like in d shop. And now dis is wat it looks like on me.

Trad is easter weekend (saturday to be precise). Please before u guys make me walk d plank, is gonna be a small gathering of families. The white wedding is later in d year and wen d website goes up we will inform everyone, so ma binu ore mi's. I really hope public holiday is on thur so i can leave early enough to the village and be my parents big baby for d last time as a spinster and then wen next time de see me, I will STILL be dia baby but married lol!!! My clothes aint back from d tailor ahhhhh!!!!!!! but I must be calm, i know i 'll get it before tuesday next week.

We do need ur prayers everyone as we travel back and forth, so please if u can put us as N.B wen u pray. heheheh!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks bloggers for the well wishes!!!

Yesterday it finally dawned on me that my trad is close and it was MY TRAD. It was like a meteor from the the 3rd solar system passed all the planets and came blazing into earth and hit me. I shook it off and then I heard the ignition to my brain start and I was like meeeeee!!! Omo check frozen expression of shock on my face and then i snatched my fone and ran to the ladies. I was pacing left and right and I was only short of walking on the ceiling thinking of who to call to get a confirmation and some words of strength. I finally called my chief - to - be and her 1st line was off and then the 2nd rang out, so I was on my own. Impossible!! I ran to look for who was online to chat & help but it was just Man utd and I didnt want to freak him out with my sudden awakening from amnesia so i sat infront of my system with my eyes open wide so i dont blink.

My elder Sis called and I grabbed d phone n ran to d ladies where i started crying. She was so worried and tried to comfort me. I finally realised dat I was scared!!! Not of d man, not of d family, not anytin physical but just wondering if i will b a good wife.....if I would b d PERFECT wife. My sister told me I won't. And i was like "eh..!!???" She said I would be a robot and dats not who I need to be. She told me it was ok to be scared cos most pple r, its just d jitters. She said u need to be friends, honest, quarrel, make up and love each oda, so if i and man utd did den we were on track. With dat I started to see things. He is not in need of a perfectionist, he loves me as I am, as I've always been (weird). His family are wonderful and HE is just d right wonderful person dat completes me (even wen we quarrel, lol!!).

Now d jitters are over and I realise I aint d first to av 'em or d last. Although i'm scattered on d planning, the most important thing is I'm gonna become Mrs ..........MAN UTD and i may be imperfect but i'm... i mean we r gonna do tins right TOGETHER as a team, shebi- LOL!!!!

NB - Details of d gbedu will be given soon.