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Monday, July 30, 2007

Borrowed questions but my answers!!

I am …slim
My ex-boyfriend was …an IT consultant
Maybe I should …walk naked (I tink its a nice liberating idea-shave 1st though)
I love …moneeeeyyyyyyyy (All d tins i' ll do and places dat i'll go to . ahh!!)
I don't understand..... mathematics
I lost my....
My current boyfriend is …a 4-eyed sweetheart
People say I'm ….sturbborn
Love is …d biggest mystery of all time (and we can die to have it)
Somewhere, someone is…giving birth (ohhh... d pain)
I will always... want...want.....something
Forever is.... closer than I think
I never want to… be ALONE!!! (no one eva eva wants dat cos.. it hurts)
I think the current President is…. yet to show his real colours
When I wake up in the morning…. I say Thank u Jesus!! ( I gotta cos some ple didnt wake up)
Life is full of… surprises (sometimes i wonder if i'll eva be truly prepared for it)
My past is incredibly…. em... good memory for my old age
I get annoyed when…. a simple issue is made complicated (and blown out of proportion)
Parties are for...relaxing
Girls are ...the 8th wonder of the world
Sex is…. hmmm....... one of the key elements to life (rmbr dis is my thot)
I wish... I didnt make myself worry so much
Tomorrow I'm going to….. try to take ova d world!!!(actually, i got to be at work again)
I really want some…moneyyyy (i can really do some good with it,besides splurging on trips n etc)
I have no tolerance for people who…. are greedy,stingy,mean,self centred, sneaky,manipulative,unjust,unfaithful...(em.... i tink dat will do, for now)
If I had a million dollars... I would give 10k to different orphanages,50k to my family,5k to party with my friends,500k in fixed accounts, and some oda cool stuff but surely travel by air and sea look i am dizzy with d thot.oh!! i will quit my job and start my own biz.
My job makes me…. alert (and a bit irritated, but i like it)

I saw this on Tyger's blog and politely borrowed it. The answers are mineeeee!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"U r always on d fone" I scream,
wen it chokes me after 1hr of watchin u
and to tink i just blew my top at u in public.
Wat i really meant to say was far more suttle
but now dat doesn't matter
'cos i'll be getting a fist of good training at home.

U don't love me anymore and I can tell
but den again so can our maids in d house
as they listen to my best play of shakesphere's
new drama 'Thy love is my pain.'
D fustration wasn't from d 2yrs of no kids
cos now d twins r part of d refrees who shout foul play.

These nice versace shades
r among d best things u've gotten me
so wen i'm out by day its nite to my swollen eyes.
I look at myself naked wen u r off to work
to see d craftmanship of ur good training
and a love my mother says must be "Till death do us part".

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yes She Is.

Light showers of rain
outline the beauty that maketh a woman
as she dances to the beats of her lyrical voice.

One day the joy of puberty
will be repead in a dream of 9 moons
as screams of bitter sweet pain will bring a tear.

Her back will be the bearer of stories
as the threads on her forehead
are interlaced with memories that a generation will hear.

Is she not beautiful?
As a cloud upon her head
draws a picture to the end of the festival called life.

Yes she was in the august rain.
Yes she was in the sweat of childbirth and
Yes she is withered and gray in her mahogany casket today.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Yep!!! It was yesterday evening at the Thisday Music Concert. Yep!!! I repeat again, A REALLY FANTABULOUS SHOW!!!!I will try to ignore the fact that they took FOREVER!!!! To always bring out the next artist but whenever I heard them on stage, I was screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course now I have a D. J scratch fanatic sexy voice and sexy sleepy eyes. Now the show was to be a cast of both the American ati 9ja Artists but due to some circumstance that I did not investigate; the two day show became a one day show + many of my 9ja people no come perform. Sorry for them but awesome for me… Yippy!!
Shakira, John Legend, Rhianna {a.k.a Reehina – duly taggered by the MD of a certain gemlike called bank (my opinion - Soooooooo embarrassing) },9ja’s own Tongolo master “He is D-Banj”, Kelly Rowland (I know we all hope she is doing aiight after wat happened), Sasha (the only female rapper that was on the Trybes men!!), den my love P. DIDDY! And the closing act was Ne-Yo.
The artists that didn’t make the spotlight = Mode 9, P-square, Asa, Tuface, Timi (idols W.A winner) and I think UB40 – well I not know if they mysteriously performed and I missed it but em….. I not see the red, red, wine reggae pop band. Did I mention P.Diddy performed? Oh yea! If you look at the 11th line, and the 14th word of that sentence, (if you count exclamations, bracket and coma). I am only sad about one thing, Diddy didn’t sing “Last Night”, oh!! How I just looovvveeee that track.
Sha!! I got to hand it to THISDAY Newspaper for putting together the show and the artists that come to perform (even though I recognise its part of my N$£ that brought dem in- I am IBO and must account for the disappearance of my hard earned naira & kobo), its really lovely to be part of the crazy experience & like my love will say “I’ll do it again!!!”
Lest I forget I also need to big up my 9ja people who dress to the teeth to look like MTV ballers, supra models (not a mistake in spelling nor is it a beefing implication) and kids who stayed awake way past dia bedtimes + the workers who stayed up (my category) and yelled like they had no work to go to, nor d drab/sleepy look on a Monday morning : Much respect to you all!!!! And I apologise to all those I called and made dem go through that excruciating noise, its a bad habit dat I have to draw people into my euphoria. Oh!! That girl, who Diddy called up on stage (among others), and she hugged him like a kazillion times-from my perspective… I just want you to know I’ve got my eyes on you, so you better watch ur back.
I am so glad my friend and cousins went along with me (Hemba dear, I know you wanted to be dere) and for those people who didn’t think I should have gone and tried to talk me out of it – yea u know urselves… I gotta say WAKE UP and LIVE!! Don’t be stingy to urselves cos

WE ONLY GOT ONE LIFE TO LIVE, enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got work to drag myself through, l8r!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Where is the wrong?

It’s been a while since I blogged and I used the vacant time to think. Its kinda weird sometimes that you go thru life and most of ur decisions and actions, u confidently categorise it as “right”. I’ll break it down – I’ve realised that I am strict with people I care about and with others I am more sympathetic and soft in actions or words. I don’t get the idea to this but I’m gradually realising that this is and has been a dark cloud over me and God knows there is a fee I am paying.
In relationships (yep this is the direction that I was heading for from the start) you av to be sensitive and caring + patient and cool tempered; according to the story books but I am a bit far from that, I’ld estimate 3 miles far. If you ask me of my past relationships n how I behaved in them, this would be my response {I was/am so so loving, giving, sensitive, only a bit temperamental, a little impatient, a good listener, supportive but mostly misunderstood-why I just don’t know). Now this last weekend with a little influence, I got on a self evaluation wagon and rode myself on a TRUE journey to my past, this time I looked at it from the Y chromosome perspective. All the times I thot I was d bomb of a girlfriend, I was really a bum of a girlfriend cos most of my actions, no I’ll take dat again – 90% of my actions were without complete consideration for the Y (pls note that Y refers to my past unfairly treated men).
My intention was to listen to them – My action was I listened to my own voice faithfully.
I wanted to be caring & passionate -My caring/sesitivity was d size of 2 mustard seeds but my passion was sooo fully covered.
Was I sturbborn? - Undoubtdly and highly annoying, enuf to be murdered.
Did I give? - I gave sometins in d line of anger, a little moody silence, a few occasion of gifts (I wasn’t dat bad) and a lil’ humour.
My point is wen do we admit to carry some of the blame in relationships and even friendships? When do we say I was wrong!! We must realise that our thot and wish for relationships are not the same as the other party and so wen two people come together they av to form a conglomerate of ideas. We must learn to be understanding of other people’s dream of being a couple, dia shortcomings and even dia mistakes unless we will continue to look for perfection in a person dat is IMPERFECT.
People we love will always be wrong if we don’t believe that de r human n also fallible as so we r too. I didn't make some sacrifices cos I wanted to feel wanted/special and think back in yrs to come "he loved me so much dat he ALWAYS came to me, no matter where". I should av thot he wanted the same too, so meeting him halfway could av made us both special. Not avin d guts to admit we r wrong during or after is a problem that could always be d loose hinge in ur relations with people. I wish I could av done sometins right by some people and I feel bad to av been so self centred and inconsiderate, thank God I’ve got a chance to stop knitting the pattern of my past in the design of my future by being more mindful and reading dem cosmo, ivillage for guidance (cos I no go lie u dem got some romantic tins wei person{e.g both sexes} go fit add to man-woman experience). This is quite some hard work, but if u really like someone (+ love d person) then I think its sometin to really work on or one day the hard work will be on trying to stop urself from being desperate and lonely.