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Monday, September 22, 2008

Let me Introduce myself

Hello Blog Family,

I would like to introduce me again to you. I am Mrs U aka Mrs Ibo dude aka Mrs Manutd aka Mrs Nikkisab (how many I go answer) lol.

..heheheh Yes O, Thank God for me and my hubby for d wonderful day. I thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. D complete pix r not ready but I do hope with d way d pix are below it tells u all d story of our wedding on the 6th of Sept 2008.

Our wedding link is www.momentville.com/nkechiandobi I hope to upload d weddin pix dere l8r

I av become pro on d wedding matter dat I bet I can be called a wedding planner. D best tin is I didnt cry while saying my vows i was relaxed (I only cried wen I saw my gals parents and I wished she was here wit me). I will do my best to write d whole tin but d tori lonnnnnnnng o, but mark it dat I danced to d point my mom was speechless. heheheh!!!

Thanks Bloggers - adoo, bunmy, Owhornda, Princessa and Onome for coming....much appreciate u dear..mwah.

Takia lovelys will try to blog soon, but I gotta admit I am blocked on blogging but I will try.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Honeymoon here I come!!

Ok my people!!!.

My birthday was Aug 29th So happy Baffday to me. I had a lovely day, had cake in the office, went home and had chinese with the gals at home (My mom, Lor and Zy) Ema was on her way to lag so she had hers later. My man came in at 7.30 - 8.00 pm and then we took off to pik Ema at d airport and then hang out. So we hung out and den Ema came to meet us dere (she was in a cab wen my txt came in saying 'let us know wen u land') So we all hung out at "The Place" in GRA Ikeja before we did my favorite bit of d evening- CLUBBING!!!!!!!!!!! So my pple please share the cake above.

So I got like 3 days before I say "I DO!!" wow...me?

Oh yels, I av sent d Dj d songs I want played (he better not mess things up cos I wanna dance and dance) I enjoy dancing but not wen d focus is me, i'll try not to be shy. My gown is at d drycleaners and I pik it up thursday. My sandals are coming in wednesday and I get to see it thursday. I make my hair thursday morning ( I decided to make pick and drop colors will be black/a tint of gold) I beliv it'll come out nice. Friday I see d fotographer, go to d venue,see d small chops guy, my bouqet and oda miscellenous. Oh! I got to pik up d thanksgiving outfit today and its a style dat is louder dan usual but everyone said I should break from my norm of OLD BRITISH WOMAN dressing....lol.

I'll post d little i rmbr and I hope u all dont mind. Please pray for us as we enter this next phase of our lives. Also please join me to pray for all families, friends and well-wishers that travel to come celebrate our day with us. Also, I thank EVERYONE who has been very supportive during the wedding.

I hope I am not asking for a lot but pls chip it in wen u pray.

So take care of ur lovely selves and I'll see you in a weeks time.

my band my sandal my hair piece

My gown