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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lately, I have become a slave to celebrity blogs. I go through the day skipping from one celebrity blog after d oda and then wen i exhaust d one's i regularly visit, i start searching for new ones.

Most of my work is on d internet and thanks to Sat 3 the internet has been slow but d only tin dat opens better than my work links are facebook, yahoo, msn, blog and a couple others. I try to visit one or two of my fav blogs but den before i can drop a comment i rush off to Ybf, sandrarose, grapevyne, hot mess, dats not hot etc. I used to wonder how pple get hooked n addicted to celebrity links but i av become d biggest slave to d links.

On other notes, I would like to make a career switch to HR (Human Resources) but i hate school. So, how do i hope to achieve dis switch? I was hoping to do an online short programme( d key word is SHORT) like 3 months. I was also thinking dat maybe I just apply for any of d vaccancies i see and grow from dere (with my zero knowledge, i hope some employer will av faith in me...lol). Another thot is to attend one-two day trainings and hope it would count for sth on my CV(hmmm....). I wanted to do d 9jn CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Mgt) but did i mention i HATE school or anything where it looks like i av travelled back in time to my early days wen i wld cry to be in a classroom.

I tink i'm a bored with my job, cos its d longest i av been in one place Aug 2006 - till date. Damn!!! I'm usually a 9 months- 12 months person, i guess its age and all d qualities dat come with it. (Not bad). Ok peeps, i would like any offer on short programs I can start in my career growth. Oh, did i mention it shouldn't be too costly ( I am Ibo....lol). Any advice is most welcome too.

Takia mwah!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Praise God!

Compliments of d day people!!!!

Today is special for 2 reasons.

One is my lovely sister in law whose birthday is today, She is a fab person n very hard working. I wish her a fantastic day and I hope she party's like a rockstar!!!!!!She has a lovely personality and I am so blessed to heave her (and her 2 sisters) as family members. Love u loads.

D second special reason is dat I am celebrating the life of Busola who was a daugther, a lovely friend & sister, a wife and mother of my godson T-bobo. She was one fun, crazy and adorable lady dat I was blessed to b a friend and sister to in 1993. We laffed, gossiped and cried together many times and we had plans to be and do many many things together. Sadly she and d baby in her womb passed away last year on the 20th of October 2007 @ about 2pm. I wrote about dis beauty last year THERE = ( Homecalling) and then I admit dat I was angry at her n slightly upset with God because I was sad n heartbroken to loose my gal especially wen dere were somethings dat needed to be sorted out. She was goin to call me d saturday she passed on and I waited for d call only to hear she crossed ova dat afternoon. I must confess sometimes I dont blive she's gone so I sit n stare till tears roll down my cheeks. I try to avoid her parents cos wen I look @ dem I see her n it breaks me cos we all start a choir of crying and I cant imagine how hard it was for dem to loose dia 1st child and only daugther.

Busola(in d brown top) and I (Sept 2007)

I had a dream once dat I saw her. The excitement I felt in my dream was so real dat wen I woke up I felt happy, She was just smiling and i was hoping like a kid high on sugar. I kept askin if she was d one n she smiled, i hugged and told her how much I had missed her and she said d same den I told her to follow me but she declined and said she had to go and I understood den woke up but I was sooooo glad to av seen her (pple say she must av really liked me not to av axd me to follow her, cos if I had gone den I too would av crossed ova. It may or may not b true) On my wedding day wen I saw her folks I remembered our promise to b each oda's chief Brides maid and to think of not havin her dere to do her gra gra as usual made me cry. My godson is doing well, he and his dad are stuck to each oda like glue and I try to call dem as often as I can. Sometimes I tink I am not a good godmother bcos d last time I saw him was exactly a month before his mom died. Office and financial issues have held me from makin d trip but I will try b4 d year runs out to go visit but I wonder wat i would get him wen I go dere.

I celebrate d lives of two magnificent women and I praise God!!!!! Viv u r a wonderful person so enjoy urself and av a splendid Birthday.
Busola u r an Angel and I celebrate ur life and thank God for letting us share our lives with u, we love u, I love u and I apologise for being angry wit u and God. HE has his reason for calling u n baby home. Miss u and love u dear. Rest in Peace!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Something ?

Thanks for all ur comments and well wishes in my last blog. May God bless you all.

I just spoke to my mom dis morning and wen i dropped i realised sth dat has been re-occurring for some months now. I av realised dat it seems i av gone emotionally dull or gradually going emotionally numb!!!! I talk to her or my dad and mayb my sisters and a few friends like with no expression of emotion ( eg a smile,laff, anger or anytin) I'm flat, almost bored, almost distracted, almost robot.

Its like i av lost alot of my spark n humor. Wit my hubby everytin is intact but den i sort of partially shut down with most people (family, friends and clients). Dis worries me a GREAT deal. I feel dettached and its not me......I dont like wat's happening especially since i noticed it a while back and kept believing it would pass n its still here.

Dese r people I love and care about and de av axd me wats up but I say its either I just woke up from sleep or I just had an annoying customer or i was in d kitchen or i was outside or i just watch d fone ring as de call 1,2,3,4 times just so de can't tell i've signed out wen de r talking. Dere r very very few times i snap back to my normal self wen I talk to dem but, each time i'm emotionless i try to stop myself but i can't.

I hope dis bad phase passes by but den again how much longer will it take for it to stop. I really miss d OLD me.