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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I stand to be corrected guys but till then This I repeat is the BEST CORNFLAKES in d world!!!!
I wish I was OPRAH or ELLEN, I would av been glad to share a pack to all of you but I am only Nikkisab and pray dat 1 day u all will taste dis lovely, delicious, amazing and FANTASTIC cornflakes. Will be back soon to write a post. Takia.
N.B - De did not pay me for all dis advert o!! lol!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


How was d weekend?

During my long haitus from Blogland, I did quite a number of things. Some was loads of fun, some got me thinking and d others.. well we will address as de come.

In jan/feb I went on a 2 week vacation to visit my sister in laws and did de spoil me or wat?!!! I had way too much fun dat I should be arrested, de were sweet, accomodating and just awesome. Well, there were 1 or 2 days dat just talking to my hubby wasn't enuf so I cried but basically we talked and tried to chat everyday. He is not one to travel and I am one to hop on a plane a jet off at any time just give me d cash or enuf leave days.

I thot i was gonna freeze out by goin early in d year but God luvs me and d weather was just smooth. Atlanta was ok but La had d best weather and though I wanted to try Baltimore and NYC my sis inlaw said it was damn cold, so i'll conquer it next time. In atlanta one of d nice places we went to was d aquarium, mennnn....... le'kwa ezigbo anu na fish (Look at d better meat and fish) I had drifted off to wishing i could turn d place to a point and kill joint, chei! just check out d killer business dat could come out of it..lol!!! I also discovered d best cornflakes in d world. I love it so much dat I am developing a strong following of all who have tasted it.

In LA i went to an amusement park and boy did i dare myself into going on some crazy rides. WOW!!! it was exhilirating, scary and fun!!!!! I was so happy to join d chorus of screaming riders dat it almost felt like therapy. AAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! not d same feeling but it was damn good den. In two rides i kept thinkin wat if I didn't strap in well so I would av done a yee-ha into d air and splattered - not a good tot or picture in my head but thank God nothing happened.

I have to thank my inlaws and dia family for being so FABULOUS, love ya. Oh did i mention d day of my departure dere was dis tall dark guy in a grey track suit (in d old days dats wat we called it, dont know if dere is a mordern name) well he had a pouch or sth on his wrist and his fone was strapped dere. It was funny n weird at d same time.

Ciao !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


How are you,

Hope u all av been doing aiight!!!! Its been so long since I dropped by infact in some months it would have been 1 year since I wrote something.

Thanks everyone who checked on me and dropped comments. It was so sweet of u guys.

I may not write so often but I will try and try to drop a line or two.

So wat av I missed?