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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Now growing up I recall the no. of crushes I had (white, black, celebrity, boy in airforce school, brother's friend, sister's friend etc). As kids and sometimes adults we were always nursing that thot, hope, butterfly and daydream that ur prince charming or for guys the lady who floats and hasn't got her feet on the ground will at least smile our way.

I was a hopeless day dreamer as a kid I had a crush on..... Tyson Beckford, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Captain Von Trap (D guy in sound of music), Luther Vandross, Patrick Swayze, Eddie murphy, David hasselhoff, Billy Ocean, Ronny, Bobby, Mickky and mike (Yes! the band new edition), Johnny Depp and so the list goes on. And though I always knew there was no chance on planet Jupiter and the 3rd dimension that I would ever meet them, I burned a candel with a tinsy winsy bit of hope.

Then came the normal brodas that I was sure I could see and stood a higher chance of being involved with but I was way too young. Then as years passed there was 1 of my bro's friend that I had a crush on since Jesus was in secondary school, his name was Eddy. Oh!!! someone give me an AMEN!! in all languages cos d bro was ouch!!!!! He was about 5ft 11", Fair, nicely built and had grey eyes. I would av runaway with him If he asked me to but he neva did but I would catwalk, wriggle my skinny jones body and be so polite and helpful when he came visiting. Eddy always held my hand and called me "Lil' Sis!" cos he was my eldest bro's mate (who happens to be 10yrs older than I am). Now one day in 2002 wen I was serving I ran into Eddy and he is looking at me with bigger eye cos e don reach like 9yrs since him see me, omo guy no believe say skinny jones don turn to big girl ( i no too get curves but at least I don get extension for front n back + I don de talk mature n not like mumu I de behave like yrs ago). He was complimenting me like e just get anoiting for d job and I was sure d man de trip for me, well he started sending me recharge card, visiting my bro's house, calling, wanting to be my personal chaperon and then one day the words came "Gal u av grown so much and watching u dese few weeks has made me realise that u r a Lady and d kind I want to settle with. Wat do u tink about u and I as a couple?"

Words since 19 gogoro I don do fasting and prayers for as a kid and now see me , see him and ... and.... there were no fire works, singing choir or heavenly crowd applauding. I looked at him and he still looked OUCH!!!! but I was not able to give d reply I had practised yrs back. I asked him his age and he told me 33 going 34 (in my head d calculation no gree me hide d shock on my face cos he was 11yrs older, that difference I know fit do). I told him it was a sweet thot but like I had told him I was in a relationship and I was happy (no lie I was), Eddy's grey eyes close and den I saw crazy Eddy. The guy begin to hit hand for bed, then he got up punched wall and scattered his table and turned to me and said "but u've known me for yrs, ur boyfriend is yoruba and ur bro and I av bn friends, I am a better person". I had to do a quick turn around and said I didnt see it from dat view and he had thrown a new light to d situation and I agree with him, it was then Eddy calmed down. I den told him I needed to go home and tink of how to end it with my boyfriend so we can start our courtship, he agreed and as he offered to drop me I said I needed to go on my own cos he looked tired.

Well I neva spoke to him again, I did a major blanking of my one time crush but I was polite wen I saw him in my bros house. That was 1 crush dat went terribly wrong and till this day I wondered if he tot I was blonde and would be bullied into his arms, well dat 1 concern am. I still av crushes but now I prefer to keep it in my head but the celebrity crushes keep increasing in no. cos I know say I no go see dem lai lai to lai lai!!

Now who were ur crushes wen growing up? Did u eva get to meet celebrity or normal crushes?

Monday, October 22, 2007


I moved to St Louis College from Command Secondary School and I was in J.S.S. 3a. I made friends with my classmates and a few with the other arms, but my best friend was in J.s.s 3b her name was Busola.O. We were like sisters and our friendship went on for 15yrs until saturday the 20th of october 2007. I can't believe she would av just gone like dat but its true. I was so sure it was untrue dat i called her bro n he was crying but to convince myself, I called her fone and den her landline and den her husbands mobile and dats wen it was sinking in. I got all my pics and poured it out, den selected her wedding pix to be sure who de r talking about. We were going to start a biz togeda n she called me last week tuesday for somethings and promised calling over d weekend to find out about my research and den know wat to send, but instead of busola's call I hear my girl is dead. How? Why? When? We were like two peas in a pod, I mean we call ourselves sisters cos she is d only girl. I spent my vacation in the uk with lily and den I moved later to her house and finally met my godson(who is now 1yrs old). We both did Bsc Geography and my bday was 29th aug n hers was 1st Sept and this year we were going to celebrate our 3 birthdays togeda but my boss didnt let me go and now my girl is gone? She was going to be two yrs in november being married and expecting her 2nd child by febuary and I hear she is gone. Wat of our promises, we promised to be each odas chief bridesmaid. I was hers and now she wont be mine? She was not to go anywhere till I am ready to get married, but it seems she is stone cold in a morgue? She has cheated me, cheated her son (my godson), her husband, her unborn child, her 2 brodas, her parents and all who care for her. At 29 wat d hell is ur hurry? We had issues to deal with and not for u to run off!!! I know i am so angry dat u r gone, I know I should be happy dat u r with our God and at peace but den wen do we all stop crying? I've been so scared to stay alone, I cant stop seeing u in my head? I've been crying since saturday and d tears wont stop. I went to church today and I axd God to remove my anger and be happy for u but .......... I can't believe u r gone dear, wat r we all gonna do now?Ur call is important on my bday and now u wont call me and I guess I cant call u? She is so beautiful, a real black beauty, caring, funny, crazy and....... now gone!!!

I'm not angry, I cant be, I am just sad dat u didnt fight to stay. Azuyi and now u??!!! I'm really sad u didnt stay. I'll check up on Tireni and Ade often-I promise. U too better check on dem too. You know the last words I said on our last call - I Love u and dat will neva change. I miss u and forgive me if I get angry sometimes, but its just cos....

Rest in Peace sister and say nice to God about us while u up there ok!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Age has grayed my hair
With a wisdom from my youth
And the feeble legs that lift me
is no match for my concrete heart.
Better judgment is like a fable
as experience is a lesson never learnt.
Religion is the great rehabilitation
that our souls rarely visit but,
what has age really done for me?
Multiplied my curiosity
Added to my conquest
Divided my attention
Whilst subtracting my intelligence.
And yet if I passed through life again,
I would surely do everything the way it is today.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: well...em....i got my place and a moto and... etc etc (i wonder wat etc is?) BIRTHDAY: August 29
GOOD OR NAUGHTY: hmm... I'm naughtily good (I say dats a sentence)
HOMETOWN: Orlu, Imo State
INSTRUMENT: I love the guitar (but can't play)
JOB POSITION: Customer Support Officer
LONGEST CAR RIDE: From Jos to Imo state (Naija)
MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: strawberry (but water is better)
ONE WISH: that i could own my own successful business and be a social butterfly
PERSON WHO YOU LAST TALKED TO: the companies's sick accountant
QUIET OR LOUD: Most people would probably say Loud but i'm really quiet.
REASONS TO SMILE: God, my family, manutd, friends SINGLE: Nope
UNDERWEAR: I wear them
VIOLENT: physical - no, but my thots are very explosive.
WORST HABIT: I am d queen of scattered-dom
X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: my tooth
YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL: dogs but puppies to be precise