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Friday, June 13, 2008


Thanks everyone for your comments in my last post. Mwah!!!! mwah!!!!!

When some one shouts or says "I go do you strong thing!!!!!" wat does it really mean. Is it in terms of fighting, hurting or even going the extra length of traditional magic?
I wonder wen de say someone's downfall was due to some evil person attacking dem from d spirit world by d consultation and assistance of babalawo's aka juju man. Most of our Nigerian and african movies carry alot of stories where these occultic powers are used to obtain things that de desire either by killing someone, making someone run mad, controlling people etc.

I am not naive of these things happening due to movies and hear-say tales but the thing is I am not sure if I believe them. With the advent of christianity and the fight of good and evil, I wonder if its possible dat we let the devil have so much power to rule over us. Let me try explaining further - If a person believes in God and have faith d size of a mustard seed, how can dese evil tins triumph in our lives?
- Could such evil antics work becos d person de r trying to get is also a bad person?
- Can fear be d crack dat evil needs to succeed?
Questions in my head go on and on and on.

My people wat's ur take on witchcraft/babalawo/juju.

Have a lovely weekend.