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Friday, August 31, 2007


My birthday was on the 29th of August and I turned a good 28!!! yEP I AM OFFICIALLY THREADING THE THIRT' ROAD. Its nice getting older and I thank God I have achieved somethings in my life but as usual a couple of things still need to be crossed out of my list.

A couple of things didn't go well for my birthday *My Man U wasn't in town. *My boss didn't approve my leave and I couldn't travel. *I missed my godson's 1yr old birthday. *My account was cruising a top rate of N1,000.00= (Yep, I kid u not cos i calculated not being around so i would av been safe). *My colleagues were barking snacks n all but then i realised that everything happens for a reason (sadly I didn't see reason until 11am).
The number of calls I got were unbeliveable and so were the txt and chats from the conglomerate of reach-out networks (aka Hi5,Netlog,Facebook,msngr,skype etc). I didnt think I had a lot of friends but I was proved wrong that day. I cherish well wishes than present cos it kinda makes me feel ssoooooooooo loved. I did get a couple of gifts- moneywise; which was like a complete blessing to me. I sailed through the day smiling and floating on the love of ALL my well wishers.
I also had my make-up expert neighbour (If u need her services buzz me n i hook u up) do me up and i took pictures the day before my birthday to mark the end of being 27, it was a blast clicking away (Loved it)+ d dearie baked me a cake too. It has been a point of duty for 3yrs running to get myself a present and this year was to be the trip to uk but I decided to fast track my car project and I should be a member of the traffic clique by early next week. Pictures of my lovely bat-outta-hell moto will be posted soon.
Ok..... work calls but To all the fantastic people who wished me well, GOD BLESS YA ALL!!!! I am still dancing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sweet Petals For You.

Out the back door
into the garden
I have laid a carpet
of pretty yellow petals
on your path to walk upon.

In the elysian garden
I call our special place
your throne is covered
with lilac coloured roses.

As its sweet perfume intoxicates you
and your eyes are closed in comfort
I will kiss your lips softly and slowly
so my full nectar will fill you.

Let me guide you to my cottage
weaved from lilies of the valley
which were specially picked
for an occassion such as this.

Secluded from the world
we are in a wonder of our own
where the darkness covers us
as the light within us shines.

In the room filled with candles
scented with sweet hopes of spring
there's a bed I have laid
with sweet petals for you.

Becos I love you and you love me
our bodies will come close as it was streamed to meet,
as time stands still
and the door shuts everyone else out
only you and I will know
what went on
as I gave sweet petals for you.