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Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost Here!!!

Hi peeps wats up?

Been busy with work, wedding and falling ill...lol !!! So according to my timer on the right I've got 12 days to go before I say cherio cherio maiden name and WELCOME to a surname upgrade. I am trying to find the humor in dis all cos I dont wanna panic. I wonder sometimes why do men ati women panic?
Its not like we didn't daydream or know such a day MIGHT be our turn, so why do we av pulse racing, heart stopping, tear pouring moments? With dat said I still suffer all d symptoms I've mentioned and I bet it will reduce as d day draws closer. Sadly all d running around has got me loosing weight (Like I had any b4...lol), looking tired in all d pictures I am caught in and having a mild pimple break out agghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now to be honest, all I am loking forward to is d honeymoon wen I can truely and gladly say its over and put my feet up to rest before I come back to start d next phase as Mrs U.

Ok enuf nagging!!!! Quite a number of wonderful things have been happening to me of late (not to say d gift of life aint wonderful enuf) but God has taken d gr8 pleasure of embarrasing me with blessings and more blessings and I keep wondering if I really deserve these things. Like having Manutd, Lovely family members (Mine and his av been so supportive and caring with d wedding), my office windfall etc - I am so thankful to God for my life and I will do my best to spread the mercy, kindness, joy and gifts HE has given me with others.

So I am gonna move around and check out wat i've missed. I wanted to put up wat d gown, sandal and hair looks like but I bet u guys wont mind if I dont ba. How about i put d ensemble after d wedding....Thanks I knew u'ld understand. Have a blessed and Wonderful week.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the silence but work et al been occupying me.