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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lately, I have become a slave to celebrity blogs. I go through the day skipping from one celebrity blog after d oda and then wen i exhaust d one's i regularly visit, i start searching for new ones.

Most of my work is on d internet and thanks to Sat 3 the internet has been slow but d only tin dat opens better than my work links are facebook, yahoo, msn, blog and a couple others. I try to visit one or two of my fav blogs but den before i can drop a comment i rush off to Ybf, sandrarose, grapevyne, hot mess, dats not hot etc. I used to wonder how pple get hooked n addicted to celebrity links but i av become d biggest slave to d links.

On other notes, I would like to make a career switch to HR (Human Resources) but i hate school. So, how do i hope to achieve dis switch? I was hoping to do an online short programme( d key word is SHORT) like 3 months. I was also thinking dat maybe I just apply for any of d vaccancies i see and grow from dere (with my zero knowledge, i hope some employer will av faith in me...lol). Another thot is to attend one-two day trainings and hope it would count for sth on my CV(hmmm....). I wanted to do d 9jn CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Mgt) but did i mention i HATE school or anything where it looks like i av travelled back in time to my early days wen i wld cry to be in a classroom.

I tink i'm a bored with my job, cos its d longest i av been in one place Aug 2006 - till date. Damn!!! I'm usually a 9 months- 12 months person, i guess its age and all d qualities dat come with it. (Not bad). Ok peeps, i would like any offer on short programs I can start in my career growth. Oh, did i mention it shouldn't be too costly ( I am Ibo....lol). Any advice is most welcome too.

Takia mwah!!!


bumight said...

yeah, you're addicted! we need to take you to rehab!

fantasy queen said...

bumight,noooo, i'm supposed to be first!!!

bumights trying to take you to rehab but you wouldnt go go go!lol

i hate school too, thats why i havent taken the cis exams and my masters applications are growing white beards. but i guess we'll overcome what we have to overcome to get where we have to be if thats Gods plan for us.(phew, that was a long sentence)

~Sirius~ said...

Aaah.....stole my post!!!! or at least half of it, my addiction needs rehab I tell you. it's not celebrities though, but it's equally bad.
As for the career change, hmmmm Can't you learn on the job? since you hate school.

LG said...

lollll @ibo gal'
okaaaaaaaaay' o we don hear :-)

*Oga kwanu??

AlooFar said...

hahahaha @ Bumight.

Na wa for u o!

naijalines said...

You've got blogstalkitis. Tell me more about those celebrity blogs...names please!

Anonymous said...

well GO TO SCHOOL. good things only come to those who try. And erhhh I am so addicted to blogging, so I feel you on that one.

Anonymous said...

lol... glad t c anoda celebrity blogs cult follower...am also addicted!when we get rehab, we should share a few more celeb blog links!;)


NikkiSab said...

9jalines dis is only but a few of the links below


NikkiSab said...

bumight - I dont wanna go. I promise i'll b good sometime nx yr.hehehe!!!

FQ - no! no!! No!! I aint gonna go to rehab cos my baby will starve at home..lol!!! Is it laziness? I doubt it. Wen u find out how to go back to school plzzzzz tell me.

sirius - I tink i cld learn on d job. I am

lg - nnwanne, ke kwanu?. Oga de o. I no de eva catch u online.

aloofar - lol!! I de fear for my self o!

temite -School!!???!!...sob..sob.. my hubby says d same tin.

talesandtallies - Where does d meeting for rehab hold? lol!!! i av some below share urs plzzzzzzzzzzz.

FFF said...

yeah, babe. i think u should give it a lot of go with s short courses & professional qualifications. i did a lot of dat wen i was trying to market my CV & at d end of d say if u read my CV it looks very busy. wen it comes to career switch, a lot is abt PRESENTATION. 4 also boast ur 'work experience' n d area u r in, voluteer 4 some duties in d HR of ur company. or pick up key words dat they use n managing d office, all these r what u need 2 beef up ur CV & make u into d professional. good luck dia

am not much into celebrity sites, except yahoo's OMG which is simply hilarious

gbengasile said...

Nine months, Twelve months? Gurl, that’s better than me. My longest job took me six months and now it seems the current one’s trying to erase that record. Still abt four months before we know for sure. All the same, I think ur career matters the most at this time. Move on with the CIPM thing or any other career building venture. You’ll be glad u did. I've begun the series on my blog and the cast is out. wanna check it out? Takia

KAM BABY said...

I HATE school too. Infact, hate would be an understatement. But if u ask me, i think there must be other ways of learning. I'm sure they do On the job training.

U don't like ur job anymore? Wow!

9-12 Months person? Hmmnnn ike dikwa gi!

Think of what u love to do. What u have a passion for. If u find it and go into it, then, u'll never be bored again.

Good luck.

OluwaDee said...

You ar eso addicted.
It will pass.

I just had a lil switch in my career n it came via a new role. I guess they saw something in my CV that I dint no I had.

Howz married life.

webround said...

i used to say "i can't go bck to schl for another 2yrs" and my friend would say - "if u go bck for a prog u're interested in, in 10 yrs time, those 2 yrs will be insignificant"

London School of Economics has a great MSC in HR prg. It's 9 mths. And you can apply for the "British Chevening Scholarship"

Bunmmy said...

all things are possible, once you attempt to try, so start applying for those HR posts now, there are short online courses gal! so get up and register

naijalines said...

@ Webround
- It's really nice and generous of you to give that info
- Most people would be either too selfish or not bothered.
- Stay blessed.

Vera Ezimora said...

Do you wanna enroll in a class for addicts (hosted/taught) by me?? It'll only cost ya one range rover.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Udeagha..so when is Mr.Udeagha going to update his blog. I thot u said u were gonna talk to him about updating his blog.

neways..nice blog u've got here.x

Onome said...

hahahahahahahaha...lucky u, u can browse...pple dey eye me tire ordinary facebook i dey access...dey've nicknamed me yahoo yahoo cos am always chatting....affordable short progs for career switch?????hmmmm clueless babes sorry...hehehe nice post

Emeka Amakeze said...

Being addicted to celeb blogs is.... i don't think i know but the job mobility probably comes with the age and would definitly ground to a halt when the time comes. http://streamsong.blogspot.com

Emeka Amakeze said...

It was nice having you around.

Anonymous said...

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