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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yes there she is...my beauty!!!! I tink she is ...(sob, sob) the proudest lil' girl any1 can buy from squeezing an account. (Wen i am a social butterfly and a biggggg girl i'll buy my one true love Landrover jeep(star struk!!!))
I've been cruising the 3rd mainland bridge since monday morning and today, I felt no jitter - wat i mean is usually wen i get to the office i av a little fear thingy were I hold my breath from home to d office and then wen i finally start breathing, I've lost my voice. Yep, I de fear small small but e no reach to piss for body. Today I felt good about driving my baby and this evening as I cruise the highway homebound, the song in my head will be "They see me rolling, they hating ....bla blaa try to catch me riding dirty repeat 2ce....etc. "
Now I got a moto d next tin on the list is knowing the roads of lasgigi and paint the town plum ..uhh.... sassy!!!!
Thanks manutd (U know what for)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He Didn't forget.

I wake each day to his rotten breath
of excessive liquor and cigarette smoke
as i pick myself up to composure
and anger mingled with disgust chokes me
as I recall a time when things weren't so.
By day he's got a job quite alright
and a hobby for the night,
if its not the booze or the smoke
then it's my silent cries for the moment
to have never happened at all.

This revolting pile of shit
was once a prince and then my king
but somehow I lost his highness
to the stupidity and disgust of irresponsibility.
It's a question - Why do I stay
and outside the window lies my freedom
but it's hard to explain to you all
that after it all,
he hasn't forgotten to tell me every night
that he LOVES me very, very much.