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Monday, February 18, 2008


"I want you"......
You ask me 'wen?' and I say "ALL D TIME!!".
Did I scare you, it wasn't my intention but u see
sometimes I tink I'll go bunkers if I don't.
"Was dat a sigh?" You say 'No!'
So its okay if I keep talking, its not like I can't "shut up"
but I find it necessary to talk about things, "oh, for u its different?"
Now I'm wondering "How do u get results, if u don't TALK?"
With a smile I just say "I understand wat u mean".
We are quiet now as d T.V gets d most words and I envy dem for havin a pre-written script
while I have to scratch and write my lines to our movie and see each scene goes smooth.

Sometimes it looks magnifique in my head but wen d words come out......
oh...those words come out and I look like i went out of script.
Hmm.... how do I get wat I want and say wat I want without looking to u like
an inconsiderate, annoying, unromantic, selfish B*^%h
now dat is d real JAMB question!! I'm pondering like "The Brain" but some how I'm still "Pinky".
Dis is maddness!!!!! I can't do dis!!!!! Its like thru u I see a horrible me!!!!!!
"Isn't dere a way we can both meet at the centre of sanity?"
Lets both surf d net for ideas to draft a new contract, a new guideline to life
"NO!!! I am not insane!! and of course not I'm NOT joking"
I tink "I need to sit down" so I walk to d couch and sit on d floor next to it.
This angle beta suits my mood cos I'm wondering if my perspective is "QUESTIONABLE".

Temporary relief i'll get with some sleep
and believe me I tink we could both do with some.
"Question?" and u reply 'Shoot'
I try to read from d script I have again but, I pause and decide to free flow from my heart
"I bet u want a pretty miss sunshine with most tins on the dot, but I gotta admit she isn't in here. My tins are either spontaneous,planned, outspoken,out of character, now or later but dese are my dot, like I bet u got ur dot and its different from d dot I want u to have." Now i'm sure ur blinking fast is cos u wanna get my point, well i'm saying "We got to tolerate n accomodate each odas quirks". U r looking at me and I know d chant in ur head is 'she is a lunatic and if I can only change d channel i'll watch d football match' but den u give me D Reply - 'Ok!'. I may not know wat team will win but I know who won't watch d match.
So dat brings my back to d very start - "I want u......NOW!!!"