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Friday, November 14, 2008

Something new!!

Dis is my new haircut. A scraped 'Ogo' ...lol!!!! I don't know cos e get as e de do me now adays and i know no where d tin de pinch me again. Any ways na so i take b now and d tin de allow breeze well,well + i no de too stay under dryer again.

Mean a whiler we gets to relocate to our durmot as d place we de go soon expire n i no get time to yarn dust wit landlord so by month end we for don pack cham cham.

I don cure myself of all dem sites wei i de go read hot gossip wei no de concern me. Now e de hard me sef to look any site now....lol!!! Marriage na very intresting union everyday na learning process cos if u talk say nothing go surprise u, den dat na fa..fa..fa....FOUL!!!!! I thank God for everytin....Amen!

Abeg i de throway salute to all of una wei comment my last post but i thank webround well, well for dat expo scholarship.

my people today na monday, make i begin draw list organise my week n attend to matters arising. I love my pink shoes (na who ax me?...lol)