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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleep, a Dream + 4 naira!

MIA Nikkisab has re-surfaced. I apologise that I have not updated but I know if I tell you I had Bloggers Block, I know a lot of pple will understand. I bet we've had those moments where it looks like you are sitting in a chair and a laffing monkey runs ur way and climbs your body holding a band aid (a.k.a plaster) and opens your brain to plaster ur thinking/writing side of ur brain (left or right side u decide). LOL

Now for a while I have been having a tough time sleeping. Its not wedding jitters or worry about anything wedding related, my eyes just spring open and I cant go back to sleep till about 4'ish am. I used to wake up 1 am and den it gradually became 3.00 - 3.10 a.m and then i drift into sleep about 4'ish then, BAM!!!! 5.02 my first alarm wakes me up so i start getting ready for work (sob, sob). I figured it was coffee causing d break in my sleep transmission, so I did the switch-e-roo and went to tea, which would be d big turn around for me and get me into the good books with sleep. Here I am typing with SLEEP in my eyes cos my body system is semi conscious thru d night - let me explain - it feels like u r sleeping but den after a calculated interval, you stretch for ur fone cos u tink its morning and den u see 1.47am and den 3.10am den 4.57am and BAM!!!! alarm(I know dis time accurately cos it happened dis morning AGAIN!!!!!).

Today's semi-conscious sleep was different I tink i had a dream. I was trying to buy oranges from a guy and den wen i gave him money he said it wasn't complete, wen I asked how much d oranges were he said N31.00. I was like ok.....wat if I gave him N30.00 cos I avn't got N1.00 and he refused and tried to embarass me cos of it. So I told him I had N40.00 will he give me my N9.00 change and he was puffing and said yes!! so i gave him. Only for d guy to now give me N5.00 without my balance of N4.00 cos he didn't have ..........hey!!!!!! see me de tear krase for dream, na im i begin fight d guy for trying to embarass me for N1.00 and den cheat me out of N4.00 and it was in dat I woke up...phew!!. Wen I reached for my fone to see wat d time was aghhhhh! 4.57am.

Please any suggestion on how sleep and I can become friends again will be appreciated. Plus wat does dis silly dream mean? Or does it mean anytin? Ok ..... its time to face my draggy day with droopy eyes and a wish list for a decent nights sleep.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I tink its absurd!!!!

Thanks everyone for ur comments and well wishes, we really appreciate it.

I was chatting with a friend of mine d oda day and he congratulated me on d traditional wedding, wished me well but he asked an absurd question - "Has ur friend count gone down?" He said as I change my status to married, I would soon wave a lot of my old girlfriends and boyfriends goodbye cos gradually de would witdraw and make scanty appearances n brief fone calls. But I told him I wasn't dat way wen he tied d knot becos I av a general fone n visit problem but if its chatting - no one can say I aint No. 1 chat queen lol!!! He said I was one of d few who didn't change (knowing my communicado status). Well we yada yada yada and blah blah.

Ova d weekend I was with a friend and we were generally chatting and having breakfast wen I told her dat a married guy friend of mine told me to prepare for d EXIT of some of my friends. I told her d conversation and to my heartbreaking reality she told me she has and would be guilty of doing it. I asked why? And she said that dere is a class tin - I mean like clique when married friends become funny towards dia former single friends. I wont play dumb to it but dat is all dependent on a person and d attitude de had in d 1st place. I av married friends and we all still good, infact my bestfriend got married n we still remained dat way after her status changed till she passed on. She felt rooted to her statement and it got me thinking.

If ur friend was an ass in d first place den u expect an ass after he/she gets married. But its absolutely ABSURD dat its d norm. I am upset with dis cos it seems like its an automatically activated button after someone's box ticks married. I was upset and I still am, cos it looks like a fraud of a celebration wen u come shine teeth on dat day and disappear after dat. I don't belive dere is a clause in friendship that says disengage after rings are given? Hmm... I gotta say I'll respect anyones's wish to carry on d absurd tradition but I will be disappointed at those who do.

Sorry as i de bomb na vex de do me on d mata. Wedding plans are still on d way and God is in control.