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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


How are you,

Hope u all av been doing aiight!!!! Its been so long since I dropped by infact in some months it would have been 1 year since I wrote something.

Thanks everyone who checked on me and dropped comments. It was so sweet of u guys.

I may not write so often but I will try and try to drop a line or two.

So wat av I missed?


LG said...


aloted said...

WOW good to hear from u..u have missed alot :)

How is ur hubby? My regards!

bumight said...

so u're still in this part of town ehn?
come out and play!!!!

darkelcee said...

you had better bring your self back here


how are you doing?

NikkiSab said...

LG - Hi dear!!!

aloted - thank u too. Missed u too. So wat av u been up to?

bumight - Yes o, I don surface o!

darkelcee - Madam, my knees r on d floor o. heheheh!! how u de?

Thanks dear!!

aloted said...

A lot!

Blogville is a bit quiet these days though..or maybe it is just me.

have a good weekend!


thats what marriage does to you...

Well thats what happened to me anyway. Can't even remember the last time i was hear. I even forgot my passowrd sef